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The Potter’s Daughter by Jackie Ladbury

Is love powerful enough to cross the class divide?

When Daniel Davenport saves Maddie Lockett and her young brother Tom from drowning, an immediate bond is forged between them. 

But Daniel is an aspiring doctor and son of a wealthy manufacturer, whilst Maddie is a potter’s daughter from a poverty-stricken area of the Potteries. Even a friendship between the two could be frowned upon, let alone anything more …

But Maddie and Daniel want more, and as they grow closer gossip and prejudice look set to spoil their blossoming romance. Do the young couple stand a chance when there are those who would stop at nothing to keep them apart?

I’ve read Jackie Ladbury’s previous novels and loved them all. However, they’ve all been very witty contemporary romances, so this historical romance was something new from her. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I needn’t have worried. I loved this gentle romance between Daniel and Maddie. Despite the obstacles between them, this lovely couple fall in love and together they must deal with all the challenges that their respective backgrounds bring. I am no expert on the history of the potteries, but the historical details ring true and the author’s voice sounds sure and authentic. I was rooting for the couple to make it against all the odds. I hope Jackie Ladbury makes more ventures into the past as her historical fiction is just as entertaining as her contemporary romances. Just wonderful. You can buy The Potter’s Daughter here.

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