15 thoughts on “Cutting the Connection: When Social Media Stops Feeling Sociable.

  1. That’s a great post Sharon, and I know exactly how you feel – the two day break sounds an excellent idea, and something I need to consider too! xx

    1. Thank you, Anne. You have such a busy life, I think you probably need the break just as much, if not more, than I do! And it seems that working from home, you’re never “off duty” somehow. Definitely time for a rethink. xx

  2. Great post Sharon. I too get really annoyed when I get notifications from Facebook, mostly that ‘so and so is somewhere’ – I don’t really care at the moment, if I want to find out what they’re doing I’ll go into Facebook myself! I also hate getting emailsrecommending Instagram or similar posts ‘I may be interested in’,thanks, but I’m really quite capable of checking out posts I’m really interested in all by myself – but when I choose, not when I’m in the middle of trying to fix this darned ‘plot hole’!

    I’m one of those (probably) rare people who isn’t constantly checking my phone or tablet, but I use a desktop most of the time and find i’m incapable of turning off the internet (suppose I have to do some research and have to Google something?) The fact that I would probably lose less time by reconnecting to the Internet than I do by the constant interruptions seems to pass me by.

    We’re always being told by the ‘professionals’ that as writers we need to get out there on social media, to establish our ‘Brand’ and get outselves known. Well, I’m all over the internet like a rash and to be honest, I have a feeling it’s far more of a distraction than an asset, but perhaps I’m doing it all wrong …

    1. That’s the problem, Hywela. When being on social media is required as part of your job, it can stop being interesting and fun and start to become a chore. Not to mention an obsession! It’s essential to find a balance, somehow, but it’s easier said than done, I know. If you’re doing it all wrong, then you’re certainly not alone. xx

  3. Way to go, Sharon! Such an insightful blog post and so inspiring. I am a great believer of taking days off the internet. It works wonders, you’ll see xx

    1. It’s that “Feel the Fear” thing, Isabella. Writers do have it drummed into them that they must have a constant presence on social media, and when I think about taking time off I do have that instant panic: What if everyone forgets about me? What if books sales plummet as a result? It’s probably stupid to think that way, but we’re so conditioned to believe that we have to be “out there” keeping our names in the public eye, pushing our books, sharing promo posts, having conversations etc that it’s difficult to step back and relax about it. But I’m determined to do it, so we’ll see if the sky falls in after all! xx

  4. Great post, Sharon and you’ve inspired me with a thought for a short story. What if aliens taking over the world are not little green men from Mars, but rather tiny robots who squeak, and ping and beep as a form of communication? They steal hours of our lives under the guise of ‘a quick 5 minutes on social media,’ and before we know it we’ll have forgotten have to speak, except through our fingers. Writers beware. They’re coming for you. 😀

  5. Well said, Sharon.
    Years ago I bought a mini tablet, set it up and was horrified to find myself inundated with pings. It has not seen the light of day since. I use my laptop and only turn on SMedia individually when I want to view them. Yes, my email is live all the time, which I shall have to stop, but it’s part of the portal open for research checking [isn’t it easy to rationalise? I don’t need my email on for that, do I? – No!] Smartphone? I don’t have one. Best decision ever.

    PS: how did I find your post? Via a Twitter notification – LOL!

    1. That’s the thing, Linda. We need to be “found” or who would ever discover our books, but the price we pay is a heavy one. If I wasn’t a writer I wouldn’t be on social media! Smartphones are the worst inventions ever. I wish I could break my addiction to mine. Never use it as a phone. It’s basically my portable computer. I don’t know what the answer is. Thanks for commenting!

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