8 thoughts on “Tiny Steps ~ Thousands of Them.

    1. I never really believed it before, June. I knew I always felt happy when we went out for the day, but never thought it could break through when you’re really low. Amazing. Xx

  1. Wish I could love this post, not just like it! So pleased you’re feeling better. And as you say, it’s all about baby steps, little and often, every day, and before you know it you’ve gone miles. (((hugs))) x

  2. Mr Blue Sky by ELO. Fabulous choice. I don’t think I’ll ever stop feeling uplifted by that song. When we work from home, it is so easy to become house-bound. When you have anxieties and have been ill anyway, that’s going to exacerbate it many-fold so I am fully of admiration to you for taking these steps. You’ll be running up and down the coast lapping that tortoise in no time. Okay, maybe not that but it’s amazing how quickly you can build fitness … says the lardy one welded to her chair who also does nothing at the moment! xx

  3. I know that scary ‘other side of the door’ feeling, Sharon so well done you. I wish I was nearer the sea; nothing like bracing winds to blow away the cobwebs. Keep up the small steps. 😀

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