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When Your Get Up and Go Has Got Up and Gone …

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What a week I’ve had.

Remember last week, when I told you I was going to change my life – one small step at a time – using my keywords, Mind, Body and Spirit?

The sort of thing I had in mind. Yes, I used to be an optimist.

If you were paying attention, you’ll recall that things didn’t quite go according to plan, due to a rotten cold that laid me low and left me feeling pretty wrung-out. Well, I was hoping things would pick up this week. To put it bluntly, they didn’t.

DH has been full of cold, too, so we haven’t been outside the door. Now, I don’t know if it’s down to post-viral fatigue, or whether it’s because I haven’t actually been out of my house  since the 22nd December (yes, honestly!) apart from a brief jaunt just around the corner to my daughter’s on New Year’s Eve, but whatever the reason, I’ve found my spirits plunging this week.

An actual picture of my actual bed. Maybe.

Not only have I been absolutely shattered, sleeping eleven or twelve hours each night, but I’ve found myself constantly battling tears. I haven’t even had the energy to scroll through Facebook, which is a good thing because that makes me cry, too. I made a huge mistake the other day and watched Brexit: An Uncivil War, followed by I, Daniel Blake.  I sobbed and sobbed through them both, wailing to myself that life was so unfair and the world had gone mad and people were suffering and it was all so horrible!

Well, in a way that’s understandable. Both programmes are pretty heart-wrenching. When poor Katie visited the food bank in I, Daniel Blake, I couldn’t see for tears. But when you’re watching comedy films or even adverts, for goodness sake, and they still make you cry, you know you’re in trouble. The other day I was watching an advert for a car, and I blubbed because it was about a clearly infatuated couple on a romantic date, who turned out to be married to each other. Oh pur-lease!

But they’re on a date, and they go to a fair, and hold hands and they’re married! To each other! And it’s all so lovely *sob*!

DH popped his head around the bedroom door the other morning and told me he’d put a chicken casserole in the slow cooker for later. I couldn’t muster much enthusiasm but I thanked him. Then, as he headed back downstairs, he casually revealed he’d accidentally used chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs. Catastrophe! I promptly burst into tears again. I know! I sat there, blubbing to myself about how awful everything was – because of a chicken casserole.

Chicken thighs for DH’s information. I mean, do these even look like chicken breasts?

My daughter thinks I’ve gone stir crazy and need to get out of the house, and she’s probably right. If I could stay awake long enough and muster the energy to do so I’d follow her advice.

At least DH is well again and has gone back to work. Hopefully, we’ll go somewhere this week and I’ll regain a bit of energy and perspective. I’ve got a Fitbit in my office which has been in its box since I bought it over a year ago. I’m going to charge it up and put it on. It will probably send an urgent message back to its manufacturer that it’s either broken or I’m in a coma, but hey ho.

I have, though, managed to improve my bad eating habits. I’ve had fruit and veg every day, switched to wholemeal bread, and only eaten between midday and six pm. Maybe it’s sugar deprivation that’s making me weepy?! Bring on the chocolate! (Only kidding!)

It’s for medical purposes only. Honest, guv!

Anyway, by this time next week I intend to have been out of the house, done some walking and cheered myself up a bit. I’ve watched four Cary Grant films this week and that’s helped (cor!) and I did a bit of plotting (for a book, you understand, not for anything sinister in real life).

I’m well aware that all this must sound pathetic, and I expect you’re all rolling your eyes, tutting and telling me to get a grip. I will do, promise. Maybe I need vitamins? Or a stiff drink? Or a good talking to?

One of my five a day. What?

Anyway, I’ll say farewell for now because, frankly, I’m worn out with all this yakking. Tune in next week to see if I make it as far as my front door. Ooh, the excitement of it all …

And just before I go, I must tell you that from 14th to 18th January, Belle, Book and Christmas Candle is just 99p! Yay!

Have a great week

Sharon xx  


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  1. rambleygirl

    Big (((hugs))) for you Sharon. xx

    1. sharon

      Thank you, Liz xx

  2. jessicaredlandwriter

    Sending you huge hugs too. Maybe you suffer a bit from that SAD too? The dark mornings and dull days really don’t help when you’re feeling listless.

    I look forward to seeing you next week and putting the world to rights. Hang on in there. It will improve and the huge amount of sleep is your body’s way of telling you that you need it xxx

    1. sharon

      Thanks, Jessica. Yes, I do seem to get very low in January every single year. Looking back at old Facebook posts has confirmed that straight after Christmas I usually get a really bad cold or chest infection and that my spirits plunge. I don’t know why. It might be SAD. I know I hate grey skies. I start to struggle a bit from autumn onwards and nothing lifts me like the sight of those first daffodils. It’s like all the gloom is about to end. But I know I have to get outside more. That’s definitely my game plan for this week. Xx

  3. jessiecahalin

    Your post is full of sunshine and that’s a great sign. All you can do is keep feeding the soul with food, films, chocolate and writing. This is the perfect winter diet.

    1. sharon

      Maybe not the chocolate when you’re trying to lose weight, Jessie, but the rest sounds good to me. Thank you for commenting xx

  4. Bless you Sharon, I hope you get better soon. Almost everyone I know has been unwell – whatever bugs are around this year are determined to stay, but they won’t.
    Know what you mean about weeping, I was sobbing at the Big Bang Theory last week, Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, I’ve seen it millions of times before, first time I’ve blubbed though -because of the lurgy!

    Looking forward to the next Belle witchy book (no pressure) seriously, I have loads of books on my list so take your time.

    Re SAD, I take high strength vitamin D tablets I forgot to re-order them in December – hence catching the cold.

    Take care, Sam xxxx

    1. sharon

      Thanks, Sam. Never thought about vitamin D. I must be seriously low on that having been indoors for weeks. I watched an old Big Ban Theory the other day where Sheldon couldn’t get a song out of his head and then realised it meant he loved Amy. Sobbed at that one! Never cried at BBT before. Yes, it must be the lurgy. I’ve started the next Castle Clair book, honestly. Hoping to get on and finish it in the next few weeks x

  5. lyndarenham

    I could have written that post. I relate to the tears and the tiredness and sleeping forever. Poor you. I do sympathise. It’s a shame you’re not closer. We could have tea and tears together. Feel better soon xxx

    1. sharon

      Thank you, Lynda. xx

  6. lyndarenham

    I could have written this post. I can relate to the crying and tiredness. Poor you. It’s a shame that we don’t live closer. We could have tears and tea together. I do hope you feel better very soon. It’s horrid feeling to be so low. I do sympathise. Sending lots of love xxx

  7. Voinks

    Totally with you on this one, Sharon. I’ve (so far) escaped the dreaded lurgy, but haven’t been outside the door for months which Isn’t natural. If you get a chance, spend five minutes in the garden, or walk to the corner of the road and back to get some fresh air. Should you happen to succumb to some chocolate on the way we won’t tell, (as long as you share it!) 😀

    1. sharon

      Haha! I’m really trying not to succumb. I am definitely making the effort to get out each day. I hope you keep managing to avoid the lurgy! It’s horrible xx

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