12 thoughts on “Mind, Body and Spirit ~ it’s all about self-care in 2019. When I can get off the sofa.

  1. Aw, bless you. I did giggle at the bit about not lighting your pretty candles as I do usually have a Yankee Candle on the go in the lounge at Christmas but I have a drawer-full of them in my office which I never get out and one sat on my desk which I barely ever light. Going to light that now! You’re so right about not setting those ‘diet’ goals because they’re too overwhelming. We’re going for the no takeaways and no ready meals except in an emergency kind of approach and hoping that will help. Glad your’e going to use the journal. Wishing you all the best xx

    1. Yes! That’s what we’ve said. No takeaways, fewer ready meals and no more buying chocolate and crisps. If there’s none in the house we can’t eat them can we? I’ve just had two satsumas and a small bunch of grapes and it’s a wonder my body hasn’t keeled over with the shock. Definitely will be using the journal. By the way, cake will still be permitted when we meet up! X

  2. It’s all really so simple: humans make things complicated.
    •Meditation practice/eastern viewpoint
    •Vegan lifestyle
    •good sleep
    Best to you for 2019💚

  3. Bless you, Sharon! I realy enjoyed your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions, and I can definitely relate on many topics. Hope you’ll feel better soon! Looking forward to reading your new books
    Isa xx

  4. Love this post. Ride those Unicorns through a field of lit candles, laughing all the way, and the rest will take care of itself. Hope the lurgy is soon gone, Sharon. 😀

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