6 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2018 ~ a year of big changes and leaps of faith.

  1. Loved reading this, Sharon, because it just shows what an amazing year you’ve had, even if it sometimes hasn’t felt that way. And it reminded me of how much we’ve achieved together too. And next year will whip the butt of 2018, I guarantee it! xx

    1. I was quite surprised when I looked back at how much had happened. We did do a lot, didn’t we? Just shows you! Yes, 2019 will be our year. “I can feel it in me waters” as they say in these parts. Happy New Year, Jessica xx

  2. (dons cheerleader outfit – not a pretty sight, but ) Go Sharon.Go Sharon. What a year. I’m just about to write a blog post myself about 2018 but need to get a move on before Easter. Hope to bump into this year (maybe at the York Tea in September?)

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