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Five Photos … with JJ Marsh

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When I first started out as a writer, one name that I kept reading was that of Triskele Books. It became clear to me that this author collective was about quality, and its members put a great deal of effort into producing professional-looking, well-edited, beautiful books. JJ Marsh is one of the Triskele Books’ authors and her Beatrice Stubbs books are gripping crime novels.  I remember reading Behind Closed Doors in awe. So, it’s a real pleasure today to welcome JJ Marsh to my blog, as she shares with us her Five Photos.

Aboard MV Aureol

After a year in Nigeria for Dad’s job, we sailed home to Britain. I remember it as being great fun for kids, with fancy dress parties, the ship’s school and daily dolphin-spotting. On the right is my little sister, Julie. She’s the reason I chose the pen name JJ Marsh. We used to write together, so it made sense to use our initials as a combined entity. Now it’s just me, I still use the pseudonym. My real name sounds like I write about bunny rabbits, which is not a good look for a crime writer.

Triskele Books

One thing I love most about being an author (apart from being able to work in yoga pants and tatty T-shirts) is the writing community. Triskele Books operates like a small publisher across three countries. We edit each other’s work, use our combined platforms to market our books, share tips and ideas, mentor new writers and throw great launch parties! But where we differ from a publisher is that each of us retains our own rights. We’re an indie author collective and proud of it.

Pugs in Switzerland

Moving to different countries (Nigeria, Dubai, Hong Kong) as a kid gave me permanently itchy feet. My curiosity for other cultures led me to various European locations which I now use in my fiction. In 2004, I moved to Switzerland with its starkly contrasting seasons, jaw-dropping landscapes and oh my, the chocolate! My Swiss husband and I somehow acquired three pugs. They snore on the office sofa as I write, only waking to bark their heads off when I’m on the phone.

The Woolf Pack

When I arrived in Zürich, I missed the writing community in London. So I put out a call and met Libby (front row, far right). Together, we founded The Woolf. We publish a literary magazine, hold writers’ workshops, run competitions and arrange Writers’ Brunches (see pic). Sharon, you know the value of organisations such as ALLi, RNA and HFA as support networks for people who spend all day alone in our heads. That’s why I love our vibrant, multi-cultural and all-embracing Woolf pack.

The Brains of the Outfit

I chose this photo partly to prove I don’t only wear yoga pants and tatty T-shirts, but mostly to acknowledge my husband and his marketing skills. He’s the one crunching numbers, testing ads, creating spreadsheets and selling my books. Here we are on the blue carpet at the premiere of Fantastic Beasts.

All in all, I’d say my Five Photos have a theme. Teamwork:  or in other words, I couldn’t do it without you.

JJ Marsh

Jill grew up in Wales, Africa and the Middle East, where her curiosity for culture took root and triggered an urge to write. After graduating in English Literature and Theatre Studies, she worked as an actor, teacher, writer, director, editor, journalist and cultural trainer all over Europe.

Now based in Switzerland, Jill is a writer. She is the author of The Beatrice Stubbs Series, a founder member of author collective Triskele Books, Co-Editor and Creative Director of The Woolf, a regular columnist for Words with JAM magazine and reviewer for Bookmuse. She lives with her husband and three dogs, and in an attic overlooking a cemetery, she makes up stories.

New book out now: Snow Angel

Love is a driving passion. So is hate.

December in a small Devonshire village is the perfect time for a Yuletide festival, a Narnian wedding or a murder.

Now retired, Beatrice is working on a book, planning a wedding and pretending she doesn’t miss the cut and thrust of Scotland Yard.

When a local celebrity dies in suspicious circumstances, Matthew encourages Beatrice to do some private investigating. Her enquiries reveal more than predicted and she discovers even her nearest and dearest are capable of deceit.

A snowstorm hits the village and Beatrice chases a lead, throwing everyone’s plans into disarray and threatening lives. The ancient forest conceals a primeval web of complex loyalties and lethal bonds.

Angels protect their friends. But destroy their enemies. 

“A classic village murder mystery, packed with comforts and crimes at Christmas with rural traditions at its heart” – Debbie Young, author of The Sophie Sayers Mysteries.

Buy on Amazon

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Thank you very much for taking part, Jill. I’ve loved looking through the photos and totally agree with you. There’s nothing like teamwork and no such thing as self-publishing.

That’s a very glamorous photo of you at the Fantastic Beasts’ premiere! What a great film it is, too.

Wishing you the best of luck with Snow Angel. It sounds amazing.

You can find more about JJ Marsh’s Beatrice Stubbs series on Facebook

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    Nice post, ladies! Sharon, did you spot me in the Woolf Pack?!

    1. sharon

      Oh, gosh, Linda! I hadn’t but I can see you now. Brilliant. xx

  2. Jill Marsh

    Thanks so much for hosting me, Sharon. Yes the writing community is a wonderfully supportive place! We are lucky!

    1. sharon

      It’s been a pleasure, Jill. I love looking at the photographs people choose and yours were delightful. xx

  3. Julie Dexter

    Very nice photos, Ms Marsh. Those pugs in Switzerland are hilarious, really fun!
    Thank you for sharing 😃👍🏼

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