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Five Photos … with Samantha Henthorn

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My guest today is animal lover, avid reader, and author of uplit novels, Samantha Henthorn. Samantha has been a great supporter of this feature, so it’s a real pleasure to welcome her today as she shares her five photos with us.




I started following Sharon’s Five Photos blog this summer, I’m a huge fan. Aside from reading lots of books (including Sharon’s) I also write them, so I was thrilled to bits that Sharon was willing to give up one of her slots to me!

Wedding Day

Photo one is my wedding day in 2015. As we signed the register, the wedding planner pointed out that we were sat in silence. Mr Henthorn had forgotten to bring the (lovingly selected) music! This is my ‘I asked you to do one thing’ face, and as you can see, he is laughing at me. I just thought this captured moment was the funniest illustration of our relationship, and a copy of it lives happily on our front room wall.


Photo two is my daughter, Alicia, aged 4, eating an ice-cream sundae. She is 21 now, tall, long blond hair, gorgeous in every way and yes, I do have better photos of her, but this over-enthusiastic smile seems to be a family trait. It appears in my mum’s childhood photos too, both women have made me smile many times during my life.


Photo three is another wedding, my parent’s in 1973. When I put this on Facebook for their 40th wedding anniversary, someone commented that my Dad ‘looks like a cross between Michael Caine and Woody Allen’. And check out my mum’s fancy pants outfit. No wedding dress, this was not her first wedding day (it wasn’t mine in the first photo), but as she put it ‘That’s how things were done in those days’.  Great parents, I love this photo, the original copy lives at the top of my stairs, and the stars of it, my parents, live around the corner from us, we’re very lucky.


Photo four is my Dad cycling in 1962. He was- and still is really into cycling, in his younger days competing in all kinds of events Time-Trials, Road Races and Hill Climbs. He was the club secretary of the local cycling club, and used to write the cycling notes for the local paper. I was brought up listening to ‘cycling talk’ it sometimes appears to be a language of it’s own. He very kindly allowed me to use one of his cycling photos for my book ‘1962’ – as long as I ‘chopped his head off’. He helped me with the technical research for this book about a young man with cycling ambition in 1960s Lancashire.


Photo five is my tattoo on my left arm. I had a twenty year career in nursing, however, when I was 38, I had to give up for health reasons. I don’t really have any nursing photos of myself, I had this tattoo done because nursing will always be a part of me, and this is a way I can salute to the profession, and say ‘I’ve done my bit!’ It took me a while, but I have now embraced my situation by writing, I can do this sat down, I don’t get stressed out, and I can pace myself. Oh, and I am thrilled to bits if anyone reads my books.

Thank you so much to Sharon, and anyone who has taken the time to read my post, I’m sorry I did not include one of my dog, Martha, but my two cats (TC and Petal)  would have been jealous, Martha is a Border Terrier so a photo would be no good, she is just the right size of dog for a cuddle, which is much better than a photo.

Thanks very much for sharing your photos with us, Samantha. I absolutely love your wedding day picture. It really made me laugh. Your expression is one I think every wife will recognise!

Samantha Henthorn was born in 1970something in Bury, England. She has had short stories and poetry published in magazines. Her books include the Curmudgeon Avenue series (The Terraced House Diaries and The Harold and Edith adventures). ‘1962’, ‘Quirky Tales to Make Your Day’ and ‘Piccalilly’ 

She has two cats, one dog, one gorgeous grown up daughter and one husband. When not reading or writing, she is listening to heavy metal and would be thrilled to bits if someone read her books. 

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Curmudgeon Avenue

They say that walls have ears, and some even say that walls can talk. So when Curmudgeon Avenue takes a disliking to its new owners, the four storey Victorian terraced house starts narrating a diary about the intertwined lives of the various new inhabitants and extended family. If Curmudgeon Avenue has to put up with this set of nincompoops from Whitefield, Manchester then so should you. Sisters Edna and Edith inherit the first house on Curmudgeon Avenue from their parents Mr and Mrs Payne who were killed in a freak accident involving an elephant. The two sisters could not be more different if they tried, and now they have to live together in the house they grew up in several decades ago, bringing the baggage of the past with them for our enjoyment. It seems that Edith cannot stop bumping into exes of her older sister, Edna. First there is Maurice – you won’t believe what happened with him. Then, whilst Edith is heartbroken and vulnerable, she meets the notable Harold – another ex of Edna’s who she really does not want to see. With Edith’s son Ricky Ricketts and his on/off girlfriend Wantha (yes that really is her name) trying to protect the sisters it is only a matter of time before Curmudgeon Avenue is filled with laughter. But then things change when yet another ex of Edna’s returns, Madame Genevieve Dubois (although things are not as they might seem with this French woman). This enjoyable novella will introduce you to the wacky and wonderful series of Curmudgeon Avenue – enjoy! You can buy Curmudgeon Avenue here.

The Harold and Edith Adventures

When we return to Curmudgeon Avenue in book two, Harold and Edith embark on their romantic adventure, Ricky Ricketts continues his on/off entanglement with Wantha Rose, Edna is missing presumed living in France, and the house itself is still exasperated – but wait! Who is this mysterious man driving his expensive car up and down Curmudgeon Avenue? For readers who enjoy the delightful Manchester sense of humour, this book will make you smile. You can buy The Harold and Edith Adventures here.

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  1. junekearns

    Another gem, Sharon. Love those photos! This is a great way to get to know someone really quickly!

    1. sharon

      Thanks very much, June. You’re right. It does feel as if the photos reveal more about my guests than even an in-depth interview would.

  2. Thank you so much Sharon! and June, hope it is not wrong of me to ‘like’ my own mention, I am laughing at our wedding photo still!

    1. sharon

      Thank you very much, and you’re so welcome! xx

  3. Hywela Lyn

    What a fascinating selection! I love that first photo – gorgeous picture and somewhat different to most ‘staged’ wedding photos. Gorgeous!

  4. Julie Dexter

    Very fun photos, Samantha! A lot of love comes through. Love in many ways—husband, daughter, parents, nursing & caring for people (great tattoo), and the love of animals. Beautiful! Your books sound terrific; I look forward to reading them. (I also like heavy metal – specifically female-fronted symphonic metal such as Nightwish)
    Thank you for sharing, Samantha!

    1. Thanks so much Julie sorry for late reply, ashamed to say we missed out on seeing Nightwish at Bloodstock festival this year, we were sick of getting wet so bailed on Sunday afternoon. Hope you like my book (blush)

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