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Five Photos … with Tea and Cake for the Soul

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Let music, travel, books & cake be the recipe for life! (Sounds good to me!) Tea and Cake for the Soul is a lifestyle blog covering travel, music, recipes, health, reviews, tips, upcycling projects, and eco issues. Today, the lady behind the blog is sharing her own five photos with us.

Seal Beach

Seal Beach is a small beach city in Orange County just over the LA border. We discovered it quite by accident when staying at nearby Sunset Beach and thought we’d go to look at the seals. There were no seals but we discovered the place that we now think of as a home from home. As it’s fairly close to LAX airport we make it our first stop on any US trip.  We drop the bags at the hotel and head straight to the beach irrespective of what time we arrive. We’ve even become friendly with some of the locals.  It’s our dream retirement home, maybe one day.

Basingstoke Canal

This photo has become particularly special to me. I loved it as soon as I saw it on my computer screen when we returned home.  Not just because the setting is so beautiful but because it has since had a couple of uses other than being shared on my social media. I entered it into a calendar competition entitled “Quintessentially English” and it won a place in the 2019 calendar edition. I was then doubly excited when a local artist asked if he could use it to paint a watercolour picture of it. To me, it sums up how beautiful Britain can be when we have a blue sky.

Fire Red Sky

I do love a sunset or sunrise photo but this has been one my favourite shots as the sky literally looks like it’s on fire. It was also taken at the end of a friend’s garden and holds lovely memories.


This photo represents me facing some of my fears. Although I love being near the sea I have a fear of deep water so don’t like to be IN it. Over the last year, I have been gradually increasing time on boats, from an hour boat ride in Poole to a 2 hour one in San Diego and then the ultimate with this speedboat ride. Funny thing was I absolutely loved it and didn’t want it to end.

60s Girl Power

This is one taken in the 60s at Butlins where my mum and her friends worked as chalet maids. I just love the glamour and the eccentricity of this photo. Girl Power at its best. Of course, they are all pensioners now but it is also a timely reminder that old people were young once and have great stories to tell.

I’d like to thank Sharon for having me to take part in her feature. It’s been a great opportunity to relive some memories and look through lots of old photos, although it’s been hard to choose just 5. It’s also been a joy to look through some of the other people’s collections who have already been featured on Sharon’s website.

I have/will be writing about most of these subjects on my blog and would love it if anyone wants to stop by to read more.

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I am a 50 something mother of grown up children who now enjoys a little more time travelling with my husband. We both work but enjoy the simple things in life like walking and reading. I also spend a lot of time blogging.

Tea and Cake for the Soul is my way of trying to give something back. It is my little space on the internet where I talk about things that have interested or helped me. I cover various subject matter such as free and cheap days out and travel, health, upcycling and crafts, lots of tips for the home and garden, cakes (well who doesn’t need an excuse for a new cake recipe to try), features on other bloggers and of course book reviews so I can give something back to authors who have given me several hours of entertainment in another world in their books.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photographs with us. It was a real pleasure to look through them. 


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  1. junekearns

    Another great post and set of pictures, Sharon. Love the one at Butlins!! Happy Days. x

    1. sharon

      Ah, Butlins! Don’t you just love the hairstles, too? Must have taken them ages! X

  2. Julie Dexter

    Wonderful photos! I really enjoyed them and the stories. As an American I appreciated the Seal beach & speedboat pics but, as an Anglophile, I LUV Basingstoke canal! I hope to see such English country some day.
    Thanks for sharing, Mizz Tea & Cake (does she /he have a name?). Thank you, Sharon

    1. sharon

      So glad you enjoyed it, Julie. Ms Tea & Cake prefers to remain anonymous but I’m sure she’ll be pleased you liked her photos.

  3. Tea & Cake for the Soul

    Thanks so much for featuring my photos Sharon. I’m glad some of your readers have enjoyed them too and I look forward to seeing your other guests stories and photos.

  4. Hywela Lyn

    What fascimating memories and photos! I especially love the one of the beautiful, fiery sky!

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