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Five Photos … with Jane Dunning

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The guest sharing her Five Photos with me today is author Jane Dunning and, given the glorious weather we’ve been experiencing lately, it’s quite appropriate that the pictures she is sharing are of beautiful locations, bathed in sunshine. It’s a good job we’ve had such good weather, or there might have been a teensy bit of resentment as I prepared this post! Anyway, these are stunning photographs of gorgeous places, so let’s take a look. 

Photo 1 – Wisteria

I was inspired to write Thirty-five Minutes from St Tropez whilst pet-sitting thirty-five minutes from St Tropez! It was our very first pet-sit – four dogs, three houses and two swimming pools on a vineyard in the Var. Quite a big job for our first, but the dogs had their own space, a terrace of their own and every walk took place directly from the vineyard. Leads were only used when we took them to the vet’s but that’s another story! One of the joys of writing, is that one gets to choose the names of people and things. The only name for the main characters’ house could be Mas des Glycines as the wisteria was so fantastic that spring, jumbled up with banksia roses.

Photo 2 – Terrace

When I wrote Stolen Summer, the sequel to Thirty-five Minutes from St Tropez, I searched through my albums for a suitable photo for the cover and decided upon this as many scenes in the books take place here including a fortieth wedding anniversary celebration. Imagine hundreds of fairy lights twinkling amidst those blooms!

Photo 3 – St Tropez

As the story is set so near to St Tropez, several scenes are set here including the main characters’ grandson being dropped off by tender from the superyacht he works on. His storyline takes him to Antibes, Monaco and along the Italian coastline. I love travelling around Provence and Italy when I’m writing – even if it is only in my imagination!

Photo 4 – Hydrangea in Le Castellet

I love this photo taken in Le Castellet, a village just inland from Sanary-sur-Mer and Bandol, between Toulon and Marseille. This is another of my favourite areas in Provence and I’ve spent a few holidays here. So far no inspiration for another book! I haven’t quite finished with Mas des Glycines and St Tropez yet…

Photo 5 – Villefranche-sur-Mer

My favourite place in Provence! I was lucky enough to spend two weeks here in 2014 and loved it. The town tumbles down to the quay where there are numerous bars and restaurants, the sandy beach is just around the bend and the view of Cap Ferrat is just gorgeous. There’s lots to do plus it’s easy to get to other places by train – Nice is a couple of stops and Monaco a few more in the other direction.

Thanks for sharing those photos, Jane. What stunning photos they are, too! I’m not in the slightest bit envious, of course, and I’m sure none of our readers will be either. 😉 

Writing a novel had always been an ambition of Jane Dunning but it wasn’t until she spent four months in Provence that an idea she was happy with formulated in her mind. Stolen Summer, the sequel to Thirty-five Minutes from St Tropez, was published on Amazon Kindle last year. A family saga, the story features the extended Ferguson family who live in various parts of Provence.


You’re invited to spend summer on the French Riviera with Richard, Helen and the Ferguson family. The sequel to Thirty-five minutes from St Tropez is a blend of fear and fun, love and disappointments, country life and glamorous Monaco, Provence and Italy…

As the hot summer continues on the vineyard in Provence, big changes are afoot as Richard and Helen make plans for their son and daughter-in-law to take over managing their rental property. While Richard is in the UK, informing their somewhat difficult daughter of their plans, the first of several upsetting and frightening incidents takes place at their home. Rushing to help, Richard’s brother and his American wife, Cindy, drive to the vineyard from Monaco, and, while keeping Helen company, find the fabulous villa that will become their second home.

In Monaco, grand-daughter Danielle continues to have boyfriend troubles whilst love blossoms for her twin brother and a society heiress as he works on an Italian superyacht. Helen’s sister’s romance with Frenchman Alain continues to bring Joanna great happiness, despite the presence of Alain’s challenging daughter. An unexpected four-legged addition to their family brings great joy.

Family visits, a classic car rally and wedding plans take place against the constant threat of the intruder returning, increased security measures at the vineyard, and the appointment of a private detective. As summer draws to a close, a terrifying event takes place at the vineyard that shakes the family to the core, and leaves Richard feeling heart-broken at his part in the attack.

By the time the grape harvest is in full swing, the family is worn down by the summer’s events but their spirits are lifted by a wedding and everyone spending time together once again, this time in Juan-les-Pins.

The follow-up to debut novel, Thirty-five minutes from St Tropez. Join the Fergusons once again for more sunshine, stunning scenery and family drama.

You can buy Stolen Summer here.

You can buy Thirty-five minutes from St Tropez here.

You can follow Jane on Facebook and find her on Twitter as @JaneDunning35.

Her books are available on Amazon.UK & Amazon.Com



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    Thanks so much, Sharon. I’ve seen these five photos many times but it’s always a pleasure to see them once again.

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      It was a pleasure, Jane, and thank you for agreeing to take part.

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    I love Jane’s photography – I’m a big fan of wisteria and the riviera too!

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    What fabulous settings! I love Provence and these pics capture summer beautifully.

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