7 thoughts on “Five Photos … with Valerie-Anne Baglietto

  1. Goodness – what a self-revelatory post Valerie-Anne. Kudos to you for opening up. I’ve known for some years – or more accurately, suspected – that I’m on the dyslexia spectrum. And it was a huge relief to me to have some kind of explanation for my inabilities. Reading this article I wonder….. My husband sometimes accuses me of being autistic (jokily!). I am now wondering if there’s is some truth in it. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Gilli. There is a link between dyslexia and autism, and also with recognising numbers, and basic motor co-ordination. In fact, there are all sorts of links, really, with many conditions; but of course not everyone shares them. If you’re intrigued, you could try googling ‘female autistic traits’ or something along those lines, to see if they resonate with you…

  2. I already have, Valerie-Anne. Although I don’t tick every trait I tick enough to make me think I am very probably on the spectrum. For e.g. I love going to a party, but when I’m there in my glad rags, I suddenly feel akward and uncomfortable – standing around like a sore thumb – unable to join in with the chit-chat. Thanks again. This knowledge actually makes me feel better about my social ineptitude. Who knew!!!????

    1. I’m happy that my speaking out has been of some help to you, Gilli. I think we all need to be more open about this sort of thing, and then perhaps people with similar traits and conditions will recognise themselves and feel less isolated. We can all be ‘freaks’ together, haha! Which is probably not a very politically correct thing for me to say, but I think you’ll probably understand what I mean by it 🙂

  3. Other people’s photos are so interesting and picking out 5 must be difficult! A group of friends like the Novelistas is such a support. i belong to a similar group of writing friends called the passionistas.

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