12 thoughts on “An Unexpected Series of Events

  1. Well the boat sounded luxurious… My mother blamed her arthritis on NEARLY falling in the Norfolk Broads when they had their honeymoon on a boat; perhaps that’s why they never took us on a boating holiday! A tree nearly fell on my friend’s brother on a stormy day on the LLangothlen Canal, when I went with her family on their narrow boat holiday. In the days before mobile phones we had to trek across muddy fields to find a village and a phone box to call British Waterways and tell them the tree was across the canal.

    1. I love that your mother’s arthritis was caused by NEARLY falling in the Broads! Yep, holidays certainly don’t always go as we hope, do they? Sounds quite scary being nearly hit by a falling tree, though! Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. I hope your next holiday – and mine – is a bit less harrowing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Blimey! Half way through reading this I started to think it was a short story… We also have the ‘something always happens on holiday’ gremlins- usually recoverable lost suitcase or hot chocolate dropped in my crotch by husband on a plane, no injuries although I was wearing white trousers. Wishing you fab times and good luck car hunting xx

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