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Sunny Days and Animal Friends

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I’ve been enjoying the surprising – and very welcome – sunshine for the last few weeks, and I’m not the only one. Seems our animal friends love it, too.

I’ve been collecting little snippets of footage of some of the animals in our extended family, not least Darwin, who had a starring role as Little Red in Fresh Starts at Folly Farm. Here he is with his “big brother” Barney. Evidently, he’s decided Barney needs a wash. đŸ™‚

Darwin was just a few days old when he was rescued from a very unhappy situation. Here he is at a few weeks old, exploring his new home.

Since Folly Farm is in my thoughts a lot lately, I thought I’d also share a short video of some goats that I filmed last September in Somerset, when my daughter-in-law decided to give them a snack. Needless to say, they really appreciated it!

A few days ago, I called at Goathland on the North York Moors, which is one of the villages that inspired Bramblewick. As always, it was easy to find sheep wandering the roads, and I took these photos of a ewe and her lamb. They were very tame and not at all bothered that I was snapping away with my phone.

In fact, the lamb wandered over and came to see exactly what I was up to, but I didn’t photograph that as I didn’t want to scare the little sweetie off! This was the closest it got before I stopped photographing it.

Meanwhile, some of J & S’s guinea pigs and one of their rabbits continue to enjoy a happy life, with plenty of space to roam around, lots of toys and games to play with and a plentiful supply of healthy snacks. What a wonderful life!

Have a great week

Sharon xx

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  1. How cute! My Border Terrier likes it hot, but not this hot – she forgets to drink water even if I put it right in front of her!

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