24 thoughts on “Five Photos … with June Kearns

  1. Thanks again, June. You’re always very supportive of this blog so it’s great to see you in the spotlight at last. Lovely photos. Xx

  2. Further to Samantha’s comment, I love looking at old photos. Sadly, we haven’t got too many in our family as my mother and grandma were great ‘chucker-outers’. So any we have date from the fifties. Great photos June and a testament to the strong women in your family. Your aunts etc looked like they were having a great time. I think most women of ‘our’ generation grew up surrounded by strong, inspirational women. They might not have ‘worked outside the home’, as they now say but they made their mark. Lovely blog and I am so proud to call you (and Sharon) my friend. Looking forward to reading the dirty draft of your next novel.

  3. Once again, a moving insight into an author’s world. The vintage photographs are brilliant and evoke a bygone era with glamour. The pictures of the children are so vibrant and make me happy.
    These words captured me:
    ‘Sitting under the table, hidden by the fringes of a chenille cloth, I’d listen to the rise and fall of their voices, the buzz of gossip. Knitting needles would click, teaspoons clink.’
    It is obvious June was born to be a writer – always observing.

  4. Ah, Jessie – thank you. What a lovely comment. I don’t know about being born to be a writer. I was an only child though, with lots of time to stare into space and make things up!!

  5. Loved your five photos, June. You’ve often said what an influence your family were on your becoming a writer. And, like Sharon, who wouldn’t fall in love with Colt McCall, though I did enjoy The 20s Girl because it’s an era I relate to. Still think you should write a sequel with Scoot as the main character.
    Great idea for a blog, Sharon.

  6. I loved the photos, what a great idea for a blog. I remember listening to my grandparents telling me about their lives.Could never get enough of their stories.

    I’ve read both June’s books too and you are right, once you’ve read about Colt McCall he is pretty hard to forget :). Looking forward to the next novel.

  7. Late to the party, Sharon apologies I was away ‘researching’ in Ireland but did manage to read this wonderful blog. Such fabulous pictures and memories, June – the girls in their 90’s giggling really made me smile. I too used to listen in to my nan and aunts, if spotted nan would say ‘little pigs have big ears’ to shut everyone up. Such happy times, we were blessed. Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful work soon. X

  8. Thank you, Ade, for popping in with that lovely comment! (I know we’ve both had some wonderful women in our lives. Love hearing those stories.) x

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