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Five Photos … with Llainy Swanson

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Sharing her Five Photos with me today is Llainy Swanson, author of the So Many Books, So Little Time book blog. According to her blog intro, Llainy is Scottish and a self confessed bibliophile with a penchant for calling people Betty! O-kay ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, Llainy is well known to authors and readers alike, due to her reviewing and blogging activities, and it’s a real pleasure to welcome her to the Five Photos feature today.


My first photograph is my little “helper” Trixie. This photograph was taken when I set up my Facebook side page for my blog. She is getting on a bit now but she still loves a delivery (usually books) and checking out the boxes they arrive in. She features dotted around my blog and more so on the Facebook side page.

Bath Buddie.

Photo two is my bath buddie. I love it, it holds both kindle and tree books, plus a spot for 2 wine glasses and a candle. No matter what kind of day I have had, a wee soak with this helps to unwind. If it is a “school night” the wine glass has Pepsi Max in it. We all love books and I am an absolute nerd for book accessories, this is one of my best buys ever and was a bargain.


Photo 3 is of Alcatraz, the most famous (or one of) prisons ever built. We visited when we went to San Francisco. I love abandoned buildings and this one has so much history. So imagine my delight as the boat got closer clocking a bookstore! I bought a few items from the shop and plan to read up on more of the history. My o/h wasn’t well when we visited and the staff were very friendly and helpful, and, despite being up steep hills, it is accessible to people with disabilities, as they offer a car ride up and down.

Las Vegas

Photo 4 is from Las Vegas at night. I absolutely love Vegas and it is one of my fave places in the world. We saw our friend get married here, we honeymooned here, I went to great lengths to find a book store here, and it really has something for everyone. This photo is a wee bit blurry and I have millions of sharper ones. However, I was more than a wee bit merry when I took this, so it is the perfect shot. This was also the first hotel we stayed in, Excalibur. Vegas is like Disney for adults and I just love it.

Author Event

Photo 5 is just one photo from many author events held at Waterstones. I love going to these, whether it is an author I know or someone new. It is great to support authors. These events are often free or low priced for tickets and I am always surprised at how many folk never seem to have heard about them. Some authors go all out, providing free drinks, snacks, cupcakes with their book covers on them, bringing family, authors interviewing other authors. It is a great way to meet like minded folk too. The book world is grand.

I’ll second that, Llainy. Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us today.

Llainy has been reading since she was very young, and started blogging about six years ago. She likes to read almost anything but her preferred genres are horror, crime, chick lit, and she’s even been known to enjoy a wee romance.

Llainy started her blog because she kept buying books she had already read, so by creating the blog and reviewing she could keep track. She then linked it with Goodreads and, after a while, authors and publishers started to contact her. She mostly features book reviews, but also does at least one competition a month and sometimes feature a Q&A with an author, or a blog tour. Her Facebook page for the blog shares most of her reviews and the competitions, and she has an album on there #PawsandPages – where readers and authors can add photos of their own books, or their current read, with their pet. Everyone loves books and animals, and it is a cute wee way for authors, both indie and traditionally published, to advertise.

You can find Llainy on Twitter as @smbslt, on Facebook and on her blog

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  1. junekearns

    Am hooked on these blogs. Thank you, Sharon and Llainy!!

    1. sharon

      Thank YOU, June, for always popping by and sharing and commenting. It’s very much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing your pictures very soon. x

    1. sharon

      It was a pleasure. Thank you for taking part. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Thank you, Sharon and Llainy – I totally agree – the book world is grand and in general folk whether they’ve sold millions or are just starting out are really supportive of each other. Not everyone likes the same books, but there is something for everyone out there.

  3. jessiecahalin

    This is brilliant and love the way you represent your reading. I want to go to Las Vagas and have visited Alcatraz ( as a tourist LOL) – so eerie.

    1. jessiecahalin

      Las Vegas – Jessie – the Queen of Typos is out again!!!! I will never book a holiday if I put the wrong letters into search engines.

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