5 thoughts on “Farewells and Fresh Starts ~ a Spring Newsletter

  1. Ha ha ha! You were so right; I was saying sc-onn as I read it!
    CONGRATULATIONS on entering the brave new world of being a full-time writer. I know you’re not going to regret it at all and I’m sure you’ll stay in contact with your lovely work colleagues because who wouldn’t still want you in their life? Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday xx

    1. Thank you, Jessica. You’re so lovely! But I KNEW you’d still be arguing about the scone thing! 🙂 Stubborn, that’s what you are. Stubborn as a mule! xxx

    1. Bless you, June. Not at all. I simply had no life outside of writing and the day job! I’m really hoping to get out and about more, and see my family and friends and have some fun! Having said that, I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’ve been working hard on your next novel. I love your books so much! xx

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