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Five Photos … with Celia Moore

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Sharing her five photos with me today is Celia Moore, whose debut novel, Fox Halt Farm, is available to buy here. You can read a question and answer session with Celia here.





Thank you, Sharon, for allowing me to talk about five favourite photos.

This picture is my most precious. It was taken before I was born and it is of my father with one of his plough horses. It means so much to me because even when, my dad no longer used horses to work the farm fields, he still loved all things equine and he indulged my sister and me with ponies, horses and a wealth of knowledge he had learnt from his father – knowledge and respect for animals passed down through generations of farmers. There are so many things about Dad that I miss and this image is the one closest to my heart – it’s the photo I would take to a desert island – if I was only permitted to take a single photograph.

So, from a picture taken in about 1950, to one from this year. This is my puppy Tizzy and she has become my constant companion, from coming to work with me, when I garden for customers to sitting on my lap while I am on the computer. Unfortunately, she doesn’t help with my typing – so far, her best effort has been fgftfttttttt but she does seem quite determined to keep trying to help.

Another special photo – this is me after I left the corporate world behind to become an outdoor instructor. I was a chartered surveyor for many years, and eventually I left it all behind to follow a path that felt right for me. For the first time, I wasn’t doing what I thought I should. I took a risk and followed my heart and now, every day, I try to stay on this path.

This pic is of me and Paul on our wedding day and I think it captures all that I am grateful for and especially, the person who makes me laugh and supports me whatever. There have been some dark times and Paul is the light that makes everything better.

And finally, friends enjoying a birthday picnic – so many people around me; ones I have known for years, just met and still to meet.
My family and friends shape and influence everything I do. I cherish all their support and encouragement. I wrote my debut novel last year and again, the community of people I have met in the book world have only shown me friendship and help – just like Sharon, who I would never have met if I hadn’t started a new chapter in my life, dipping my toe into something else completely new; becoming an author.

Thank you again Sharon for letting me share these special moments and these photographs.

It was my pleasure, Celia. Thank you for taking part, and for sharing your lovely pictures with us.

Celia was born in Devon, England, and grew up on a small farm. She left the family farm to have a successful career as a Chartered Surveyor working in the City district of London before slowly working her way back to Devon.

In 2000, she left the office life behind to start a new adventure as an outdoor instructor, teaching rock climbing, mountaineering, canoeing and even skiing- archery, rifle shooting and mountain biking… She managed an outdoor residential centre until she met her husband and now she is concentrating on gardening for a few lovely customers, running and writing.

Born over fifty years ago, Celia has been creative ever since – from explaining why there are no chocolate biscuits left, to writing glowing details for ugly buildings; from encouraging people to abseil, oil painting and writing -Celia loves it all but especially the gardening, running and the writing!

Find out more about Celia’s books by following her on Amazon.

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    Lovely post! Thank your for sharing the memories.

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