6 thoughts on “Looking Back on 2017 My Year in Pictures #amwriting

  1. What a lovely round-up and what a pleasure to have featured at several points across your amazing year! It’s wonderful watching you grow in confidence as you tackle each new adventure and I look forward to being by your side as you tackle even more in 2018 including the RNA Conference. Congratulations on all those best-seller tags and some amazing writing success in 2017. I just know that your star will continue to rise in 2018 xxx

    1. Aw thank you Jessica. You’ve been my travelling companion this year, and I couldn’t have had a nicer one. Here’s to a happy and successful 2018 for both of us xx

  2. What a brilliant review!!! You’ve had a fab year & your books are really popular, which isn’t surprising. It was lovely to have met up with you and hope we can do the same next year. Great to hear that you’ve a few ideas next year cos I’m waiting to read them!! xxx

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