Authors reviewing Authors (It’s a Minefield) #MondayBlogs #AmWriting

This is a great post by Terry Tyler. It’s the very reason why I have a notice on my book reviews page, stating that I don’t accept books for review. When I post a review, it means I have bought the book myself without the author knowing, simply because I like the look of it or I trust the author through previous work. I only post reviews for books I can give four or five stars to. Trust me, I read many more books than appear on my blog, but if I don’t feel enthusiastic about them, I don’t review. I’m not a book blogger, and therefore don’t feel obliged to post the bad and the ugly as well as the good. I’m simply someone who loves reading and likes to share when I’ve found a book worth telling others about!

Rosie Amber

Authors reviewing authors

(it’s a minefield…) Guest post by Terry Tyler

Reviewing advice

The scenario: you’re a self-published/indie press published writer who tweets, blogs and is a generally active member of the online writer community.  You like to read and review the work of writer friends, if in a genre that appeals.  One of these friends (who I will call Friendly Writer and refer to as ‘he’, for convenience), asks you to review his new book, via an ARC.  The blurb piques your interest; you say yes.  You start to read, with enthusiasm—but there’s a problem.  Several of them.  The dialogue is unrealistic, the characters are one-dimensional, or tired stereotypes.  Maybe the plot is unconvincing, or it’s a bit slow/long-winded/badly researched.  If it was a random book by a stranger, you’d abandon it.

If you’ve been active in the online writer community for a while, this might be a situation you’ve…

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