5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Getting to Know Pat Posner

  1. Hi Pat and Sharon, What a lovely interview. Pat, I had no idea you wrote the Sylvanian stuff or some of the Animal Ark series. My daughter used to love those. I wasn’t so keen on Mandy Hope, the AA heroine, after reading about a millin of the books to my then small daughter as she started to come across as a bit of a know-all. (MH not my daughter). 🙂 We have a couple of things in common – Enid Blyton books and being first published aged 8. I love your Broome Park books.

    1. I was amazed when I found out how much Pat had written, Jackie. I had no idea she used to write My Little Pony stories, and my own childhood favourite, Nurse Nancy for Twinkle comic. She’s a dark horse. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Another Enid Blyton fan here, and yes, I love Pat’s Broome Park stories, too.

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