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Summer at Skylark Farm by Heidi Swain

August has been designated as the month for reviews, so if you’ve read a book you’ve enjoyed recently, why not head over to Amazon and tell other people all about it? You don’t have to write an essay. A line or two will do, and it will mean the world to the author. Trust me, I know!

With that in mind, I decided to post a review for a book I read recently – Summer at Skylark Farm by Heidi Swain. Here it is:

This is a lovely feel-good story from Heidi Swain! I confess, I haven’t got round to reading The Cherry Tree Cafe yet, but even though this is a follow-on novel, it didn’t matter, and it didn’t detract one iota from my enjoyment of the story.
I was drawn to the book by the lovely cover, and I was very relieved to find that the contents lived up to the promise of the pretty artwork. This is the story of a city girl, with a busy career and a hectic life, who moves to the countryside for the sake of love. Where many women might crumble in the face of starting a whole new life, Amber gets on with things, and throws herself heart and soul into making a success not only of her relationship with boyfriend Jake, but of Skylark Farm, too.
It’s not easy. She has left behind everyone she knows, and finds herself living with Jake’s aunt, and surrounded by his friends. Not only that, but Jake is definitely keeping secrets, and she’s pretty sure that his friends are in on them. But Amber’s not one to be easily deterred, and she rolls up her sleeves, pulls on her wellies and gets on with it.
Before long, she’s won over Jake’s family and friends, and she realises she’s falling in love with her new home. But Jake’s past is about to catch up with them, and secrets are about to be revealed. Dark clouds are gathering, and soon Amber’s future looks to be in doubt. Can sunshine return to Skylark Farm? Can Amber turn around the fortunes of her new home? And can she and Jake survive the biggest shock of all?
I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely story, and I will definitely be catching up with The Cherry Tree Cafe before long. A real summery treat.

You can buy Summer at Skylark Farm here.