Christmas at the Crescent by Veronica Henry

This is such a lovely book. I’ve never read a Veronica Henry story that I didn’t enjoy, and this “noella” was no exception.
I really liked the heroine of the story, Josie, and was rooting for her right through the book, hoping that she’d get her happy ending.

Initially, it seemed quite obvious who was going to be the hero of the story, but I quickly realised that things weren’t going to be as straightforward as I’d supposed. I was quite torn for a while. The great thing about this book was that the two men in Josie’s life weren’t black and white. There were good and bad things about both of them. Both were kind and loving at times, and both behaved selfishly and thoughtlessly at others. Overall, though, it became clear eventually who deserved Josie, and who she would be happy with.

I adored Titus, who was so gorgeous that I got quite broody! And I loved the resolution, which felt just right, and was a lovely, romantic ending. This book is so Christmassy and the setting is gorgeous. Having visited Bath I could really picture the Crescent, and the whole thing left me feeling very festive and contented.

One word of warning! Don’t read if you’re on a diet. The descriptions of the food in this book are truly mouth-watering, plus there are some delicious sounding recipes at the back. Other than that, this is a winner. I loved it. 5/5

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