Warm Hearts in Winter by Helen Pollard

Feeling sad at the events in Paris, I wanted to turn off the television, retreat from social media, and escape into a good book. Having heard about, and buying this short novel, just this morning, it seemed like the perfect distraction. In the event, it far exceeded my expectations.
Warm Hearts In Winter is a lovely, cosy romance. It’s mostly set in the wilds of Yorkshire, and the main action takes place inside the hero’s house, where he is snowed in along with his new PA. Now, if that’s not a perfect setting for a romance, I don’t know what is.
Jack is a writer. Famed for his pacy thrillers, recently his style has changed somewhat. The change in direction has been instigated by the death of his much-loved wife. Jack is still grieving, and has locked himself away in his Yorkshire home, determined to finish his latest book. To that end, he needs help. He needs someone to make sense of his scribblings, type up his notes, fuel him with cups of tea and coffee, and even feed him now and then. He has been expecting the elderly lady who helped him with his last book to return, but Mrs Macintosh has been called away to help her sister, and he finds himself with a temp sent by an agency.
Abby is not what he’s been expecting at all, but then, Jack is hardly what she had in mind, either. Getting off to a somewhat shaky start, the two of them have to accept that – given the weather conditions and the remote location of Jack’s house – Abby is going nowhere, and they may as well work together. It soon becomes clear that there is an attraction between them. But Abby has issues about relationships with her employer, and Jack is still grieving for his wife. Neither of them wants their attraction to develop into anything deeper.
But with the snow falling outside, the cosy fire burning inside, and their close proximity as they work together on Jack’s book, can they stop their feelings from growing? And when danger threatens, Jack and Abby find they are drawn even closer together. Who is watching them? Who is making the silent phone calls? Is the house that shelters them from the snow as safe as they imagine?
Warm Hearts in Winter is just delightful. It wraps itself around you like a blanket, leaving you with a warm heart of your own. A gorgeous romance, with two main characters that you can’t help but love. A hint of mystery. A beautiful and deeply romantic location. I absolutely loved this book, and it came to me at just the right moment. In a sad world, it’s good to reflect on the power of love, and remember it’s never too late for a second chance. 5/5

You can buy Warm Hearts in Winter here.