Weekend Whinge

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Oh, I’m feeling very sorry for myself today. I’ve only been back at work five days, after recuperating from an operation to have my appendix removed, and now, here I am, coughing away as if I’m Pipe Smoker of the Year. (Is there still such a thing? I know there used to be, but surely not now in these politically correct days. What a shame I’m too bone idle to check.) My throat is sore, and my voice is croaky. It seems very harsh to me. I mean, I’m still having to encase my legs in those deeply uncomfortable surgical stockings. Haven’t I suffered enough?

Image: Wikipedia
Too yummy to resist

To add to my woes, I got a new phone yesterday. After having an Android phone for four years, I made the momentous decision to get a Windows phone instead. What can I say? I’m pure rock and roll. Anyway, the phone duly arrived and, having been reassured by everyone who owned one that it was easy to set up and use, I put aside a whole half hour to get the thing up and running. Hmm. Might have been a teensy bit optimistic there. After two hours of snarling at the screen and tapping in and out of various apps and pages, growing increasingly frustrated, I finally gave up and sulked for twenty minutes instead. Luckily, Doctor Who was on and I had a family size bag of Revels to scoff, so calm was resumed fairly quickly.

On the plus side, I have almost, almost got book three ready to send out to my beta readers. Just a few more tweaks and it will be winging its merry way to them. I’ve also got it booked in with the editor and I’m now on a tight deadline, due to her understandable popularity. The book must be with her straight after Christmas, so I have to hurry up! Hopefully, it will be out in early spring.

Swaledale_with_lambs_closeup for blog
Is it odd that I’m developing a love for sheep?

I’m a bit nervous sending this one out as it’s not a Kearton Bay book. It’s mostly set in the Yorkshire Dales, and is quite a departure from my other books as it’s written in third person and from multiple viewpoints – five I think. Is that right? Let me check…Yep, five. And none of them sheep. (It will all become clear when you read it. You will read it, right?) So, it’s all unfamiliar territory, and I’m hoping my beta readers will enjoy it, or, if not, at least be able to explain why not so I can try to fix it. I won’t cry. Honestly. Luckily for me – and it’s quite a coincidence this – my new hero is the spitting image of Aidan Turner. I’ve had to spend an extraordinary amount of time Googling images of the actor, browsing YouTube clips, ¬†watching old episodes of Being Human and studying the glorious first season of Poldark, just so that I could get a “feel” for the look of the man. It was jolly hard work, but I’m nothing if not thorough. I may have to continue studying him for some time – probably long after the book is available for sale and I’ve moved on to the next one. Aidan Turner with a Yorkshire accent. Right grand.

A rather more appealing image
A rather more appealing image

As I’m writing this, the sky is looking very grey and heavy again. It was pouring down with rain yesterday. I didn’t have to go out anywhere and so I put the lamp on, turned up the heating, took out my laptop and got on with the editing. It was a good day, apart from the phone fiasco, the coughing, the sore throat, and the fact that our dog kept pacing up and down and barking every five minutes as the fireworks began. Remember the good old days when fireworks went off on November the fifth? Now they start in October and carry on until New Year’s Day. My daughter gave us a couple of aromatherapy candles for the dog, as they’re supposed to calm them. They worked the first couple of nights, but last night, nothing would soothe her. I really hate fireworks, and I’m always worried about the stray animals out there. Ban fireworks, I say! Or at least, only allow them in organised displays. You see how out of sorts I’m feeling? I’m sitting here like a grumpy old woman with my surgical stockings, my stockpile of throat lozenges, my phone-behaving-badly, and a scowl on my face. Don’t you just love that image? Well, have a look at the picture of Aidan Turner. That will soothe you. Mmm, Aidan Turner…

Anyway, this week will mostly be spent (when I’m not at the day job) finishing the edits and sending the book off, finalising cover details, and trying to come up with a blurb. If I can cope after all that, I may even look at my phone again and try to work out how to operate the dratted thing. If I remember correctly, I hated my Android phone when I got it, and grew so frustrated with it I wanted to hurl it out of the window. Maybe I’ll grow to love my Windows phone eventually. Oh, here comes the rain. Time to put the lamp on, turn up the heating and get back to work. Why didn’t I save any of those Revels?

Have a great week xx