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Rosie was just eleven weeks old when we got her. She was the runt of the litter, and had kennel cough. Not a good

Baby Rosie with her "big brother" Jake, and Jamie and Jemma.
Baby Rosie with her “big brother” Jake, and Jamie and Jemma.

start for any puppy. However, Rosie went from strength to strength, and we should have known then that she was a dog with real courage and determination. She was a small dog with a big heart and a stubborn nature, and that ensured that she lived eleven years with exceptionally good health. She impressed the vet as it was only in her final few months that she developed a heart murmur and began to slow down. She never lost her puppy spirit.

Rosie, a pretty Blenheim Cavalier.

While our other dog, Jake, had looked to human beings for guidance, Rosie looked to Jake. She thought the world of him, and the two of them were very close right up to the end. When our daughter left home, she couldn’t bear to leave Rosie behind, and we knew that Rosie would be miserable without Jake, so eventually it was decided that the two of them would move in with our daughter, leaving us with our German Shepherd. Jemma and Sarah could not have done more for Rosie. They took great care of her, and I’m so proud of them for the way they fussed over the two dogs, giving them so much love and attention.

Rosie’s last supper that wasn’t!

When Rosie became ill, there was a sense of inevitability about it. We knew Cavaliers had a strong chance of developing heart problems, and we’d half expected something to happen for years, in spite of Rosie’s zest for life and her apparent good health. When she was diagnosed with the heart murmur, we were afraid, but the vet assured us that she could still live a comfortable life for a while, as long as she took her medication. When her condition suddenly deteriorated a couple of weeks ago, it was a huge shock. This little dog had taken no notice of the fact that she was supposed to be ill, and had been chasing around like a puppy, ignoring her health problems. ¬†She was so poorly that she was given only hours to live, and we kissed her goodbye, thinking we would never see her again. Jemma and Sarah treated her to a steak dinner, believing it to be her last ever meal, and even sat her at the breakfast bar to eat it!

Rosie, however, hadn’t been told that she had only hours to live, and rallied magnificently, the way Rosie did. Within a day, she was trotting round the house, wagging her tail and tucking into scrambled eggs. We were all highly delighted, thinking she’d had a reprieve. Well, it wasn’t to be. Today, Rosie finally passed away. She was with Jemma and Sarah, and she knew she was loved. It was a peaceful and quick end to the life of this beautiful little dog, who was a real character. She would stand on her hind legs and circle round and round like a circus dog, and she never stopped behaving like an inquisitive little puppy. She was a joy, and I’m so grateful to have known her, and to have had her as part of my life. I’m so grateful that Jemma and Sarah took such good care of her, and that she had Jake, and later, Brian the cat, as her close companions.

Rest in peace, little Rosie. You were the light of our lives. God bless you, little one. xxx

Rosie: 4.8.04 – 29.10.15