It’s Publication Day: Book Two Is Out!

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Meet Rose MacLean – the straight-talking, pink-haired, livewire who is the heroine of book two in the Kearton Bay Series. A Kiss from a Rose is released today, and it can’t come a moment too soon. It feels like I’ve been living with this book forever.

So what’s A Kiss from a Rose about? Well, it takes us back to Kearton Bay, the North Yorkshire coastal village which was the setting for There Must Be An Angel. Those of you who read the first book will remember Rose, who ran a less-than-successful cafe called Pinky’s, which was decorated in debilitating shades of her favourite colour, and was the place she foisted her rather second – or third – rate baking on the few customers she managed to attract. Rose was doing battle with her eldest daughter, Fuchsia, and trying her best to keep youngest daughter, Cerise, on the straight and narrow. She was also an extremely good friend to Eliza, heroine of book one.

In A Kiss from a Rose, the story has moved on, and Rose is now a partner with Eliza in their gourmet marshmallow business, Mallow Magic. At the start of the story, her work life is settled, Fuchsia has a job, and Cerise is doing well at school. It’s the day of Eliza’s and Gabriel’s wedding, and she is chief bridesmaid, while Flynn Pennington-Rhys – Gabriel’s best friend and partner – is best man. Rose gets just a teeny bit tipsy, and from that moment on, her life takes on a new direction.

In A Kiss from a Rose, there are secrets galore,  friendship, romance, sadness, grief, a whole lot of laughs, old friends and new characters.  Mostly, there’s an exploration of the complex, maddening, wonderful relationships between mothers and daughters. Not only does Rose have to cope with her sullen, secretive eldest daughter, but Cerise turns into a moody teenager almost overnight, and nearly drives her to distraction. When her own mother arrives in Kearton Bay, Rose has a whole new level of frustration to deal with.

I had a lot of fun writing this book, which was a good job, because Rose forced me into doing it. Seriously. She was only ever meant to be a secondary character, but she absolutely demanded her turn in the limelight, and once she’d got it, she milked it for all it was worth. She wouldn’t behave at all, and did things I had no idea she was going to do. The story took off at a tangent and led me in a whole new direction. I was just as surprised as poor Flynn at her antics. As for her mother…don’t get me started! 🙂

I hope you enjoy A Kiss from a Rose. It’s available to buy here and it’s just £1.99. Rose is quite cross. She insists she’s worth far more than that!

Have a great week xx