N is for Novels, Novellas and New Ideas

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Nis for novels, novellas and new ideas. The trouble with me is, I like order. My husband, looking at the state of our house at the moment, might give a hollow laugh if he were ever to read this, but it’s true. At least, in theory. And this is reflected in my writing schedule, because I have made a commitment to complete the four Kearton Bay books before I write anything else, and although it seemed a pretty easy commitment to make at the beginning of There Must Be An Angel, I now find that’s it’s really not that simple.

Of course, I made an exception for The Other Side of Christmas. The Write Romantics needed me! It was for charity! Of course I wasn’t going to say no, especially as the two charities it was supporting, The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and The Teenage Cancer Trust were so close to my heart. I took time out and wrote my short story and it was included in the Write Romantics and Friends’ anthology, Winter Tales.

Anyway, back to the Kearton Bay books and after completing Book Two, A Kiss From A Rose, I was all set to start work on Book Three. Except…All the way through book two I’d been nudged, quite ferociously at times, by ideas for different books. I’d jotted down the ideas and even some titles, but that’s as far as I’d got, refusing to be swayed from writing Rose’s story. Now, with that out of the way, the stories were positively shrieking in my ear, which would be absolutely fine if they were short stories, but they weren’t. They were novels. And I just couldn’t bring myself to write them before I’d completed the series. The trouble is, with those ideas shrieking at me, I couldn’t seem to settle down to write Book Three either! What a dilemma.

So I came up with a solution. I’ve started to write a novella. A novella doesn’t count, right? It’s not quite a novel so it’s not in competition with the Kearton Bay books.  Novellas are a thriving market, at the moment. Their shorter length makes them very popular with the modern, busy reader, and they are ideal for the ebook market. They’ve been on my to-do list for ages, but I tend to write loooong so I knew they were going to take some real discipline. Then I had the idea for a story, and it just seemed perfect for a novella. I’m not sure how, or if, it will work out as I’ve never done this before, but it’s a new experience.

I was also inspired to write two short stories, and no one could be more surprised about that than me. I used to write short stories a lot when I was a teenager, but I hadn’t written them for years until I was asked to contribute to the anthology. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing The Other Side of Christmas, but I really thought that was that as far as the shortie went. So I was stunned to wake up one morning with an idea for  another one burning away in my brain. I went straight to my computer and, without so much as a cup of tea to fuel me, I wrote the first draft of it down. It needs fleshing out, but the bare bones of it are there.  There’s also another one which is very different to the first. I’m rather fond of it, actually, and I may have to do something with it one day. I’d quite like to write a lot of short stories. They take so little time compared with novels, and they’re really enjoyable and not half as terrifying to write as I thought they would be.

But I still have the idea for three books in a completely new series to work on, and a new stand-alone novel, which came to me the other day when I was busy folding prescriptions at work. Don’t ask me why – it’s hardly the most inspiring of jobs.

So many ideas and so little time…N should really stand for Needing to focus and prioritize. In the meantime, I have more blog posts to write!

Have a great day xx

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