M is for Musical Soundtrack and the Magnificence of YouTube

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Mis for musical soundtrack. I have to confess, this was an essential ingredient when it came to writing a certain scene in There Must Be An Angel.

I’d never written a sex scene before, but the moment just felt right for my two main characters. I simply knew I couldn’t keep them apart any longer and so I squared my shoulders, gritted my teeth and thought of England. Sadly, all that achieved was backache, jaw-ache and a picture of a drooling bulldog lodged in my mind, which wasn’t really helpful.

It was then that I turned to the wonder of YouTube. What an amazing invention that is! It occurred to me that listening to passionate, emotional, loving songs would really help me get in the mood – for writing, I mean! *Blush*.

I began to build up a playlist of power ballads and romantic songs and created a There Must Be An Angel soundtrack. That was good, but then I had another idea.

I said in my “Heroes” post that I had cast a certain person in the role of Gabriel, and, as luck would have it, that certain person has made quite a few films and television programmes. And some of those films and television programmes just happen to include sex scenes, or, at least, passionate encounters. So, feeling a bit like I should be wearing dark glasses and a raincoat, I trawled through clips of him being – well – heroic, in a very earthy sort of way, and played the soundtrack at the same time.11071601_754534801330428_1110824200790225125_n

Suffice it to say, I soon wrote that sex scene. Words came tumbling out, in fact. Mind you, I’d be lying if I said that the stuff I wrote that day was what made the final edit of Angel. No chance. I have to go to work, you know! My colleagues would howl with laughter. Not to mention the fact that I was all too aware that my mother wanted to read it. No, I really couldn’t face all that, so I edited and edited and edited again. Eventually, the scene was much shorter and I’d injected some humour into it and it wasn’t half as embarrassing as it would have been if I’d left my initial ramblings in.

Still, it goes to show that a musical soundtrack and some well-chosen movie clips can make all the difference to these things, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again if the need ever arises – to write a sex scene, I mean. What are you like! Funnily enough, when I was writing the same sort of scene for Book Two, I didn’t need any help at all, but then, the leading lady in that book – Rose – is a pretty straightforward sort of girl, and she certainly didn’t hesitate in telling me exactly what was going on in her mind at the time.

I have a feeling that the heroine of Book Three will be a bit more reluctant to share. She may take some coaxing. Thank goodness for YouTube!

Have a great day xx

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