A is for Art of Mallow

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ais for Art of Mallow. I first read about this great Yorkshire company in Yorkshire Life magazine and it immediately inspired me. I was writing There Must Be An Angel at the time, and as I read about Philippa Quayle and her lovely company, I began to wonder if maybe my heroine, Eliza, would be any good at making marshmallows.

I wanted her to be able to do something that would help her become more involved with the villagers of Kearton Bay, and would be a way for her to make friends and learn to stand on her own two feet – something that could help her in creating the new life for herself that she desperately needed. Making marshmallows seemed like an interesting idea.

I’m the first to admit, I had no idea there was such a thing as gourmet marshmallows until I read the article. The only marshmallows I’d ever tasted were either pale pink or white and tasted pretty much of nothing but sugar. I was quite intrigued, and decided to send for two bags of mallows from the company, to see what they were like. I ordered the salted caramel and the strawberries and cream varieties, and they arrived very quickly. I wasn’t disappointed. They were absolutely delicious! I bought a small book of marshmallow recipes, to see how easy they were to make and what sort of things you could do with marshmallow, and I visited the Art of Mallow website for more ideas. Then I began to write…11045009_647871175316942_4346465794819884703_n

With Angel about to be published, I decided to hold a Facebook launch party. As part of the celebrations, I wanted to give away some prizes, and it seemed only right that these should include Art of Mallow marshmallows. But I felt I needed to explain why, so I contacted Philippa to ask her if it would be all right for me to mention her company. I explained what had happened and crossed my fingers that she wouldn’t be too annoyed and would agree that I could mention her. To my surprise she was absolutely delighted, and not only did she agree, but she very kindly shared my news on her company’s Facebook page, informed Yorkshire Life of this unexpected turn of events, and donated three bags of marshmallows as prizes!

I’ve said for a long time that I’ve been stunned how kind and supportive total strangers can be. I’ve been amazed at people’s generosity as I’ve been writing and trying to find a home for Angel, and Philippa is another example of this. I have sent her a copy of the book as a thank you, and I can only hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed her lovely marshmallows!

You can order Art of Mallow products here and why not follow them on Facebook here?

Have a great day xx