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A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

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atoz-theme-reveal-2015So, as I may have mentioned previously, I took the plunge and signed up for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Basically, this means that throughout the month of April (excluding Sundays) I have to write a different blog post each day, with the theme of each post beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. So April 1st would be about a subject beginning with A, April 2nd about a subject beginning with B…you get the drift.

Having decided to go for it – because I’m nothing if not completely insane – I then learnt there is another string to the A-Z bow. The great theme reveal. Or The Great Theme Reveal if you want to be a bit more dramatic. Participants in this choose an overriding theme for all twenty-six of their blog posts, rather than selecting random subjects each day.

At first I thought this was a step too far. But then, when I thought about it a bit more, I realised it could actually be a good thing. Having to focus your mind and concentrate on one theme would – possibly – be a useful thing. So I decided to go for it. The question was, what was my theme going to be?

Well, I then realised that the challenge was the perfect opportunity to tell you all a bit more about There Must Be An Angel. It’s my first book, and I’m very proud of it, and I am all too aware that a short blurb on the back of the book cover, or on Amazon, or here on my blog, doesn’t even begin to cover all the aspects of the story. There are lots of different elements to the plot, but there are also “behind the scenes” things going on, too. For instance, how much do you know about Beltane? Have you ever visited Robin Hoods Bay or Whitby? Have you ever tasted delicious gourmet marshmallows? What’s your favourite ancient monument or stately home? What do Jane Eyre and Jane Wenham-Jones have in common? And who exactly is Kearton Bay named after? These are just some of the issues I’ll be discussing over the course of the challenge, and by answering these questions and a whole lot more, I hope you’ll feel part of the Kearton Bay community and want to know more about what’s going on there. I may even be giving away a free copy of There Must Be An Angel for you to discover for yourself!

Looking forward to seeing you here. April 1st. It’s a date!

Have a great week xx

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