Things Can Only Get Better

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Do you like the new look? I took the plunge and upgraded the blog and I’ve had simply hours of fun messing around, changing fonts, colour schemes, background designs and headers. It’s been a delight. It really has. Trouble is, I should be writing, not faffing with a blog!

downloadActually, how rude am I? The first thing I should say to you all is, happy New Year! A glorious 2015 to you and I hope all your dreams come true and you have the best year of your lives. Did you have a good Christmas? The last time I spoke to you all I was in the middle of shopping hell and looking forward to a quiet and uneventful Christmas. Well, the best-laid plans and all that…

Is it just me or does there seem to have been an awful lot of illness around this Christmas? I mean, the office where I work at the day job has been badly hit, and on Facebook just about everyone seems to have had the dreaded lurgy. Unfortunately, this house did not escape and it’s been one thing on top of another for the last few weeks.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I had a health scare. A nasty one actually. The kind that makes you break out in a cold sweat and think, oh crikey, this could really be it. Horrible. Due to the nature of the scare I was given a two-week wait referral, which was a double-edged sword really. I mean, on the one hand, I was very grateful that they’d rushed it through and I was going to be seen quickly. On the other, it was pretty terrifying to be told that I must be seen so quickly! Because it was Christmas I ended up waiting seventeen days to be seen, which I still think is impressive, and God bless the NHS because where would I have been without it? Anyway, I was finally seen four days after Christmas and had a minor procedure done and an examination and then saw the consultant who was able to tell me, thank you God, that it wasn’t what we’d feared and all was well. You can imagine the

I went back to work that afternoon vowing never to complain about anything ever again. Then, that very night, I started to feel ill. In the morning I had no voice. I had a headache. I felt washed out. I’d had a cold all over Christmas but I thought it was on its way out. Unfortunately, it had left me with sinusitis and if you’ve ever had that you have my deepest sympathy because it’s horrendous, and if you haven’t had it before, lucky you, and I hope you never know what I’m talking about. Of course, all my “isn’t life beautiful and how lucky am I and I will never, ever moan again,” flew right out of the window as I groaned and grumbled through the next week. To be fair, I was in constant pain and couldn’t even read! Torture! To make matters even worse I had no sense of smell or taste and even chocolate couldn’t tempt me. So the new year came and went without me even noticing. In fact, because DH was working anyway, I didn’t even realise it was New Year’s Eve until all the rubbishy programmes appeared on television and I retired to bed with a hot water bottle clutched to my face feeling very sorry for myself indeed.

The upshot of all this is that, of course, I’ve done no writing since – well, I can’t remember exactly. I was very busy at work at the beginning of December and didn’t have the time or energy to write when I got home, but I thought it wouldn’t matter as it wouldn’t be for long. I had no idea what lay ahead of me and that I would be unable to face switching on the computer never mind trying to form words that made any sense. I also couldn’t read as that just increased my headache. I spent most of the time asleep, if I’m really being honest, or lying on the sofa squinting at the television screen through gunge-filled eyes. I know. I looked ever so pretty.

So, book three is seriously behind schedule and I have only just started reading again. And that’s why, dear readers, it has taken me so long to wish you all a happy New Year. My apologies.

So why am I messing about tarting up the blog instead of getting on with the writing? You tell me! Lack of energy, lack of motivation, lack of concentration, fear? I’ve managed to finish two books but book three is scaring the life out of me. What if I can’t do it again? What if anything I write is absolute rubbish? What if those people who read and enjoyed the first two books are bitterly disappointed in the third? I think they call it a crisis of confidence. So, I’ve tarted up the blog and enjoyed making it look a bit better and I’m trying to work my way back into the writing again by doing this blog post. Small steps, but at least I’m moving forwards, however slowly.

sherlockHope you like the new look and I hope you have a fabulous January. With any luck (and a bit of determination) next time I post I’ll have made some progress with the novel. We shall see! And it’s not all bad news, after all. The Musketeers are back (swoon), Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be a daddy (my ovaries pinged at the news!) and Sherlock is being filmed this month. Yay! Now that I think about it, what better inspiration than watching all those gorgeous men on the telly? So what if I’m old enough to be D’Artagnan’s mother? It’s research I tell you!¬†promo10-588x356

Have a great week xx