The Gift of Christmas Yet to Come by Jo Bartlett

This is a truly lovely story, with all the necessary ingredients for a cosy Christmas read.

It’s set in the little coastal town of St Nicholas Bay, which is so beautifully described that it’s definitely a main character in itself. Legend has it that Charles Dickens wrote part of The Christmas Carol here, and many of the businesses have Dickens references in their names.

Christmas, quite obviously, is a big deal in St Nicholas Bay and, for Kate, this Christmas is particularly important. She’s made a momentous decision – one that will change her life. She is lucky to have the support of her best friends, Sara, Meg and Will, who have been her support network since school days – but Meg isn’t as sure about Kate’s plans as the others, and her well-meaning actions set Kate on a different path to the one she’d been planning.

Will a voice from the past lead Kate to a happy future? And will she get the greatest Christmas gift of all?

With a gorgeous setting, likeable characters (you’ll feel like one of the gang in no time), a heartwarming romance and a little touch of magic, The Gift of Christmas Yet to Come will leave you feeling joyful, enriched, and full of Christmas spirit. As this is Book 1 it seems there will be more St Nicholas Bay stories to come, and I will most definitely be buying them. A five-star story from a very talented author. 5/5

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