The Ghost House by Helen Phifer

The first thing to say about this novel is that I love the cover. It really does lead you into the book and you’re immediately longing to know what’s through those gates, while at the same time being a little afraid of what you’ll find.
This is Helen’s debut novel and a gripping read it is, too. I honestly couldn’t put it down, desperate to know what was going to happen next.
Police officer Annie Graham is not your typical heroine. She’s recovering from a very nasty injury and has been wounded both physically and emotionally at the start of this book. Recovering at her brother’s house while he is away, she becomes embroiled in a mystery surrounding the old house that he is caretaker of and, at the same time, finds herself in the middle of a missing person investigation that rapidly becomes more sinister. With ghosts, two serial killers and a medium bearing messages of warning, it’s lucky for Annie that she has such good friends who are willing to look out for her. A budding romance with one of her colleagues brings some respite from the tension, although both Annie and her new love are in increasing danger.
As past and present collide, a horrific revelation and a gruesome discovery leads to a terrifying confrontation and a life-or-death struggle.

I honestly loved the story and if you are looking for a real page-turner this is one for you. The author can certainly tell a gripping yarn! 4.5/5

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