Pink Wellies and Flat Caps by Lynda Renham

I’ve had this on my Kindle for quite a while but recently, in need of something to cheer me up, I finally got round to reading it having previously enjoyed The Dog’s Bollocks – so to speak. (That’s the title of another Lynda Renham book – honestly!)
I read a lot of romantic comedies and generally they make me smile and occasionally even chuckle. Few of them make me laugh out loud and earn me the curious looks of people nearby, but there are a couple of authors who never fail in this respect and Lynda is one of them. There’s nothing wrong with romantic comedies that emphasise the romance – I’m a huge fan of them, actually – but with Lynda the emphasis is definitely on the comedy and she’s exceptionally good at her craft.
She’s one of those rare writers who make you spit your tea out because you can’t hold back the laughter. Always a good sign I feel!
Pink Wellies and Flat Caps is about a harassed NHS employee called Alice who is engaged to Charlie, a highly-committed animal rights campaigner who, while always keen to do the right thing by his furry friends, is less bothered about his fiancee’s feelings apparently. While having a bra fitting to sort out her lopsided breasts in time for her wedding, Alice receives a text from Charlie that sets in motion a chain of events that leads her eventually to a new job and a new life in Cornwall, where she meets farmer Edward and his extremely friendly dog. From then on her life will never be the same again.

This novel has it all: a heroine with a horror of spiders and an aversion to Lidl; a gorgeous hero (compulsory); an evil villain; and a great cast of supporting characters, especially Alice’s sparky friends Georgie and Cas and the wonderful Karen who only appears at the beginning of the book but is so familiar I cried with laughing (I also work in the NHS!), I mean, I’m not being funny but at the end of the day she’s just so real! It moves along at a cracking pace, never flagging and the laughs come thick and fast right until the very end.
I wanted cheering up but by the time I’d finished reading this I’d forgotten what it was I needed cheering up about. Brilliant, fun book. Five stars from me and a scout through the author’s other titles to choose the next one! 5/5