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My Writing Process

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Thank you to Julie Heslington for inviting me to join The Blog Tour. Julie is a member of the Write Romantics, a bunch of talented writers, some published, some unpublished (but it won’t be long!) who talk about their writing journeys and ask some very interesting questions over on the Write Romantics blog –

Julie is a fellow member of the RNA NWS. You can read all about Julie’s writing process here

I have to answer some questions about my writing process and then nominate three other writers to continue this on their blogs. Let’s begin…

My Writing Process

What am I working on?
Currently, I am writing the first draft of book two in my series of romantic comedies set in the fictional village of Kearton Bay on the North Yorkshire coast. Kearton Bay was inspired by the very beautiful Robin Hood’s Bay which is not far from Whitby and one of my favourite places to visit. I am also making final edits to book one, There Must Be an Angel which has been written, re-written (many times!), edited, sent to the NWS, changed and edited, sent to five beta-readers and is now in the process of being polished until it shines like a halo!
How does my story differ from others of its genre?
I guess it differs because it’s written by me! I’m not claiming to have re-invented the wheel, but my voice is my voice and my characters are mine and, hopefully, my love for them and for the setting and for the whole process of writing this book will shine through. I had fun with the story, I grew to adore my heroine and fall in love with my hero and I developed a soft spot for all of the other characters, too. I’m hoping the readers will feel the same.
Why do I write?
Yes, I’ve wondered that many times when I’ve dragged my weary bones from my bed and shuffled into the boxroom or, as it’s now grandly known, my writing room! I think, looking back, writing has saved me which probably sounds very pretentious and pompous and sorry for that, but it’s true. I went through a lot of years in a bit of a depressed state, with no sense of identity. I’d turned into a stay-at-home mum with five children and things were difficult for lots of reasons and I was surrounded by people who really weren’t good for me.  I had no idea who I was or where I was going. I’d stopped writing when the kids were little, although when I was a child and teenager I never stopped writing! Luckily for me, one day back in 2011 some characters popped into my head, who appeared so clearly that I bought a notebook and started writing about them. I came up with various stories for them, signed up for NaNoWriMo and the rest is history. Writing has given me back to myself if that makes sense. I have a strong sense of purpose and feel like me again – the me I was before I lost sight of myself way back in my early twenties. I feel so much happier and contented these days, and although I still struggle with confidence issues my self-esteem is finally being restored, bit by bit. I credit my return to writing with that and can’t imagine ever giving it up again. Besides, I have a head full of characters and they all want their stories telling!
How does my writing process work?
I work in a GP surgery so I have to fit writing around that. Mondays are definitely no-writing days because I work a ten-hour shift and just don’t have the time or energy, but I write most other days and I find the mornings are definitely the best time for me. I can’t write when I get home from work as I don’t leave till six and by the time I’ve got home, eaten, cleared up etc I’m way past doing any productive work. I use the evenings for reading, catching up with social networking and some television. I have cut down on my television watching to make more time for reading! I usually get up early, make a cup of tea (absolutely essential!) and then head to my little room where I try to write for at least two hours before work. Weekends are almost entirely devoted to writing apart from the essentials such as cleaning and shopping. Sometimes my family will visit or I’ll visit my mum but then I’ll get straight back to the laptop. I try to write the first draft without editing – a trick I learned by doing NaNoWriMo. It’s easier to just let the ideas pour out and then go back to the beginning and pull it all into shape rather than going over each bit I’ve written as I go along. Well, for me at any rate. Everyone’s different. You just have to find the process that works best for you.
If you’d like to see what inspired me to write There Must Be an Angel you can follow my Pinterest board. The link is on this page.
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Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week xx