Back in Business

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It seems like ages since I blogged here last. Well, that’s probably because it was ages. I feel I am a very bad hostess. I keep popping up and then disappearing again, don’t I? I do have an excuse though. (Don’t I always?)

So, where was I? Oh yes. A lot has happened since we chatted last. DD2 got married and the wedding went wonderfully well. Mrs and Mrs both looked absolutely beautiful and there were no hitches of any kind and they are now settled in marital bliss and excitedly planning their forthcoming – if rather belated – honeymoon. They are off on a safari and then to a luxury all-inclusive hotel in Africa so you can imagine how much anticipation there is. Speaking as someone who has never been further than Ayr in the north and Land’s End in the south and has never possessed a passport, I am pretty impressed!

The driving test came and went. I failed. Yep, after all that preparation and study it went very pear-shaped on the actual day. Nerves just took over and ruined the whole thing. Having said that, totting up the minors, I would still have passed if I hadn’t made a big mistake and entered a roundabout in the wrong lane. The worst thing is I knew I was doing it. As we approached I kept telling myself, “you need to be in the other lane” but, for some reason, I was completely frozen. I couldn’t make myself do anything about it. Needless to say I was pretty frustrated and upset, not least because I didn’t have another seventy pounds to book another test! It will have to wait until after Christmas now.

I moved back in with DH! Yes, after ten months apart we are now reunited, and it was much less traumatic than I feared. In fact, it very quickly felt like we’d never been apart, except that we have figured out what went wrong last time and are now making damn sure we don’t make the same mistakes again. He is like a new man which is quite interesting! I spent five weeks living at his “bachelor pad” while we awaited the keys to our new house. That was difficult as it was a tiny little place and (horror!) there was no broadband connection and I couldn’t even get a signal on my mobile phone. That’s the reason I haven’t blogged. See, I told you I had a perfectly good excuse! We are now settled into our new home and I absolutely love it. I haven’t felt this settled in a very long time. 🙂

I got my report back from the NWS reader. It actually arrived on the morning of the wedding, but I put it away and tried not to dwell on it till the following day because I didn’t want the wedding ruined if it was bad news. When everything had calmed down and I was all alone sipping a cup of steadying tea the next day, I carefully unpacked the slightly battered package and took out the report. It was good news! There were lots of positives and some real praise in there. I was amazed! There was one major plot point that needed looking at, which, having given the matter some thought I could see made perfect sense, and a couple of minor tweaks that will tighten the story and improve it. The reader had given me some really useful pointers and made me see things which, after they were pointed out, I couldn’t imagine why I hadn’t seen them for myself. I guess that’s the point. After working so long on a piece of writing you just lose your  perspective. You can no longer see it properly. An outside view is desperately needed and that’s what this provided. I have not touched the manuscript yet. I plan to leave it for a few more weeks then get to work on the changes.

So what am I working on right now? Well, obviously, I am pretty busy with the new house which is still littered with boxes waiting to be unpacked and some of my belongings are still at my daughter’s house. I used to live in her spare bedroom – did I ever mention? However, being me and a bit dim, I decided that a little thing like having no internet and being in the middle of a chaotic mess wouldn’t stop me from entering NaNoWriMo for the third year running, so I did. And to date my total is….zero words.

A whole first week of the challenge has passed and I still haven’t begun to write. However, I do have a rough plan for book two and I will begin very soon. There’s still time to hit the fifty thousand words isn’t there? I know it’s a bit of a tall order but I do love a challenge…

If any of you are frantically NaNo-ing as I write (and if you are, what on earth are you doing reading this? Get back to the writing!) I would like to wish you the best of luck. It’s a fantastic idea and I have had two successful years previously which have resulted in rough drafts of the book I have just got back from my NWS reader, and a sequel which I realise will be book three in the series. I really don’t want it to be third time unlucky. Fingers crossed!

Have a great week xx