Breaking Up is Hard to Do

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Okay, I hold my hands up. I have been quite bad this last few weeks. I have totally neglected this blog and not written a single post since early July. I have also taken about a month to read a novel that I promised to read and review and that’s really not like me. I can only apologise.

I have been extremely busy with the WIP which is *almost* complete – or at least, as complete as I can make it without a professional looking it over and telling me where I’m going wrong. As you may recall from my last post, many, many moons ago, I have been working hard on my novel because it has to be with the RNA by the end of August. I have been under quite a bit of pressure as I work full time and also have family commitments and an imminent driving test, but I can’t say I have been desperate to leave my story behind.

Truth is, I have developed a rather undignified crush on my hero. I am not entirely sure if this is normal but I swear, sometimes he is all I can think about! I sit behind my desk at work, daydreaming about him and wondering what I can expect from him the next time I open my laptop and head off to visit him. He is becoming a little too real to me and I am almost done with him, which actually makes me very sad.

I  expect you’re shaking your head now and saying, “You’re quite right, it makes you very sad!”  and not in the miserable sense of the word either. More in a  “you total geek, get a grip and move on” kind of way. Well, look, this is new to me. He is my first hero and I suspect that he will always be the one that is dearest to me for that very reason. I have poured all my hopes and dreams onto him. He is the kind of man that I would love to have in my life but, sadly, I suspect he doesn’t exist.

Truthfully, this post wasn’t even supposed to be about him but he’s just taken over here, too! I already have plans for my next novel and have written some preliminary scenes for it and I am very fond of my new hero, but right now I don’t love him and I am really hoping that I can grow to care about him as much as the current one.  I wonder if this is just me being a bit weird or do all writers feel this way? I mean, if I don’t fall in love with him, how can I expect a reader to? Right? Right? Dear God, please tell me I’m right!!

Anyway, I am currently going through the novel checking for anything that is superfluous and making sure that there are no unnecessary scenes or words and no excessively repeated phrases and that everything makes sense and there are no loose ends. I will then print off a copy and check it again before sending my firstborn out into the cruel world and try to forget all about it and get on with book two.

There are four in this series so I know I am going to meet my hero and heroine again. I just have to be very careful not to keep returning to them too much. The other books are not their story. Other characters have their lives to live after all…

So, I will spend the next week or two with my hero and try to relish every moment with him, then I will, I must, put him away and concentrate on my new characters until the novel comes back with its critique and I can start reworking it, trying to do him and my lovely heroine justice – but I know I will miss him and I will miss her, too. They have become so real to me and I feel sorry to let them go.

That’s aside from the fact that I will have a professional opinion of my novel! Scared? Me? You bet your sweet life I’m scared. No one has ever read this before and it’s a truly terrifying prospect, but I have spent nearly two years of my life on this…time to let it fly the nest. I know I am going to feel like a nervous mother on her child’s first day at school. This is where I finally discover if writing is something I can actually do, or if, like my hero, it’s all been a rather lovely dream…

Have a great week xx