Around the Water Cooler

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The main topic of conversation in the office all week seems to have been the weather. No change there, really. The British are obsessed with it. Either moaning about the constant rain, wilting under the “too hot” sun, or shivering in the snow. This week it’s been the turn of the white stuff to entrance, enchant, worry and torture us. Personally, I’m not a fan of snow. All right, it looks lovely – when viewed from the window of a nice warm room. Let’s face it, when you have to actually go out and about in it it’s a complete nuisance.  It’s wet, it’s freezing cold and it’s treacherous. It takes me ten minutes to walk along the pavement to the car, stepping ever so gingerly, holding on to the fence and praying that I don’t slip and fall. Knowing that if I did I may just never get up. Visions of me lying on my back like a turtle, legs waving in the air, unable to roll over and stand up, torment me constantly. Still, at least they’re an incentive to stick to  the diet.

Speaking of which, the second topic of conversation in the office this week was – inevitably – diets. Post Christmas everyone is moaning about their weight gain and trying every new diet going. I hold my hands up. I’m dieting, too. But I’m not boring everyone to death talking about it, am I? I mean, I wouldn’t dream of announcing to everyone that I’m currently doing the Alternative Day Fasting diet, or that I’ve joined the 5:2 diet group on Facebook, or that I’ve read the 5:2 Diet Book by Kate Harrison. Nah, I would never do that. I have to admit to a feeling of smugness. Sitting in the office the other day, listening to my colleagues moaning about the cost of certain slimming groups and how complicated it was to follow their diets, I just shrugged and tucked into my tuna salad. The beauty of this diet is that you just count calories. Stick to 500 calories every other day, or two or three days a week (your choice) and the rest of the time just eat normally. There are supposed to be other health benefits, too, apart from losing weight. And it’s free. In fact, it saves you money because you’re fasting some days so eating less food. And if you join it will calculate your calories and daily calorie needs for free. Win, win. (Please note, this is my personal opinion. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have major success with various diet clubs around the world. I’m just not one of them!)

The third topic of conversation (and my favourite, by far) was the books we’ve all been reading. At the moment a lot of people are reading a thriller by David Mark called The Dark Winter,  but that’s probably because it’s set locally in Hull. (Currently on offer at just 20p on Kindle!) It has had good reviews on Amazon, though, so I’ve bought a copy and will read it soon. I’m currently reading Sarah Tranter’s No Such Thing As Immortality  and will post a review when I’ve finished that.   I must admit, most of my colleagues at work are more into crime books than romances. They’re a hard hearted lot!

Someone once asked me what I’d done one weekend and I couldn’t think of anything to say except the absolute truth which was writing. They looked a bit baffled and asked me what I’d been writing? Letters? I shook my head, blushing to my hair roots, and admitted I was writing a book. Well, that went down well. Talk about paranoia! Who was it about? What was it about? Were they in it? Despite my truthful denials, one colleague in particular is convinced that they all feature in the book, “because what else would you have to write about?” Charming. I have made absolutely certain that I haven’t mentioned writing at all since then and they appear to have forgotten all about it now. And long may it stay that way.

This weekend I am heading to the Yorkshire coast to visit my granddaughter, who is one year old on Sunday. That’s if I can make it through the snow that’s forecast! Ah well, if I get stranded it will give us something to talk about at work on Monday. Hope your weekend is great whatever you’re up to x