Tall Dark and Kilted by Lizzie Lamb

I loved this book! For a start I loved the heroine Fliss who has suffered loss and comes out fighting. Fliss is making her own way in the world and doing quite nicely until her friendship with the spoilt and selfish Urquhart sisters causes a major downturn in her career. Against her better judgement she accepts their attempt to make amends by taking on the job of manageress at their rather irresponsible mother’s new therapy centre. The catch is, the centre is at their ancestral home in the Scottish Highlands, ruled with a rod of iron by their half brother, the fierce Ruairie. This novel is one of those that you can get into immediately and the London scenes with Fliss and Isla and Cat Urquhart are fun and very readable. For me, however, the novel leaps to a whole new level when Fliss arrives in the Highlands. The setting is beautifully described and you can really imagine yourself there. The characters are all beautifully drawn and likeable. I even had a soft spot for the brattish Isla, as she obviously had issues of her own. However, without a doubt, the star of the show is the Laird himself. The sexy alpha male that is Ruairi Urquhart is a hero to die for and the relationship between him and Fliss just sparkles and fizzes like finest Champagne. How that girl keeps her hands off him so long I’ll never know! Ruairie I think I love you! This is Lizzie’s first novel and what a fabulous debut it is. If you like your heroes strong, dark, gorgeous and commanding with a vulnerable streak and a passionate nature, or if you just want to know what a sexy Scottish laird wears under his kilt, grab this book and prepare to fall in love. 5/5